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Fish where the fish are

Ensure you reach only the areas where your core customers live and the stores they choose to shop in. RETAIL VITAL STATISTICS identifies these for you.

Highly Targeted Marketing

Core2Store knows the ROI that different marketing activities deliver. Achieved by deploying targeted activity in core areas to maximise response.

360 degree engagement

The store is an integral part of the marketing campaign. Core2Store contacts the store to make them aware of the promotion and ensures sufficient stock is in place.

Know the results

Core2Store accurately measure all marketing activity through RETAIL VITAL STATISTICS and creates a single report that demonstrates ROI and outlines the next steps.

Industry Leading Insights


Build shoppers AND stores together for maximum ROI

IPM In Place of Price

Trialing Effective Solutions

KPMG Presentation

Dr Martin Scott



The sales and marketing challenge is what to say, and where to say it. To see a new way forward from your data, and in the new retail environment, click the cover!

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